Who are we?

Almere Jungle

Almere Jungle is a small zoo located on a city estate called ‘’de kemphaan’’ in Almere, the Netherlands. We have been here since 1996. We are part of Nieuwland werk taal zorg. This is an organisation that provides people with a disability the ability to be part of society.  In our case we provide daytime jobs and re-integration for people with a physical or mental disability. We started in 1996 with building a greenhouse in which we could grow our own fruits and vegetables to sell. Soon we expanded with a shop called ‘’de landgoedwinkel’’ and a café in which we provided people with drinks and food. Almost all tasks are performed by our participants under the guidance of professionals.

From a certain point in time we started rescuing animals which were abandoned by their owners, or came from people who could no longer take care of them. We had the space in the greenhouse and the heat which was important because the animals were mostly reptiles and exotic birds. As we started taking in animals we had to build enclosures. By planting exotic plants around the enclosures we became sort of a jungle with different types of animal/plant species. Slowly our focus shifted from growing vegetables to rescuing animals. More animals started to find their way to Almere Jungle. Because we were growing so fast we could provide more jobs for our participants. Presently we offer daytime activities and re-integration to more then 100 participants.

Education is an important part of our existence. Expanding our animal collection contributes to the education we can offer. Since 2016 we are officially a zoo and we are still expanding. Meanwhile we are housing more than 300 animals of almost 100 different species. Most of them are rescue animals which is sometimes visible by their appearance or behaviour. We do everything we can to help these animals deal with their problems. For example by providing them with a challenging enclosure, interaction with other animals and enrichment.

Besides animals, flora is an important part of Almere Jungle. We are currently dividing Almere Jungle into continents. All animals but also all plants have to move to the right continent to make the whole experience even bigger! Part of the plants are grown in our own greenhouse. 

General information


Adult + children above 2:                              € 5.45
Adult price with donation:                            € 6.45
Children under 2:                                             free
Annual membership:                                     € 24.50
Dog:                                                                    € 1.-

For € 0.55 you can feed our animals by your own! You can choose between fishes, turtles or chickens.

Parking is free.
It is not allowed to bring you’re own food and drinks.

Opening hours
mo-sa:                     10.00 – 17.00
sun:                          10.00 – 17.30

Contact information
Adres:                      Kemphaanpad 2, 1358AC Almere
Tel:                           036-5309930
E-mail:                     info@almerejungle.nl